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Britney's Major 'Welcome To Vegas' Event + Interviews

Britney's Major 'Welcome To Vegas' Event + Interviews

All eyes were on Britney earlier this week when she was welcomed to Vegas with a spectacle that would make her Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour look tame. Showgirls, acrobats and snake charmers were on hand while Brit told fans, "I'm so happy to be here right now. This is my city. I can't wait to see you guys opening night!" She also sat down for a few interviews where she opened up about her upcoming show, her boyfriend, David, and the possibility of (gasp!) retirement! OK, I don't want to talk about that. Let's not talk about that. Let us focus on the next two years! Here's what Brit Brit had to say:

Mario Lopez with EXTRA interviews Britney:

Britney with Michael Yo on OMG! Insider:

Britney with Jason Kennedy of E! Online:

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By soccer | 12/10/13 - 10:12AM

roses for the queen b very sweet

By Ch0c0late | 12/07/13 - 02:12PM

You can not imagine how much excited I am! Brit. the welcome was great and I believe that the show will be great too. You know, being best is your nature. Love you. Your eyes transform energy to me. You are nice and I'm learning being nice as you.

By Niawati | 12/06/13 - 11:12PM

Britney your vegas show would be totaly amazing cause you are the queen on this show, and i just love all your songs and your music also your albums. Keep on rockin' and keep in spirit princess. Your happiness is my happiness, i wish all the best for you and may all thee luck, happiness, healthiness keep coming on your way. GBU, i love you Britney

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