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Britney's Interview With 'TV Guide'

Britney's Interview With 'TV Guide'

This makes it so real, y'all. Britney Spears, along with her fellow X Factor judges, is gracing the cover of TV Guide this week, on newsstands tomorrow! The mini-mag features an exclusive interview with the one and only Brit Brit, too... check out a few of my favorite snippets from the Q&A below. I think I just peed myself from excitement. Just 21 days 'til our girl makes her grand debut! xx

TV Guide Magazine: Britney, what was your reaction when Simon offered you the job?
Spears: He was absolutely adorable on the phone, and he is so sweet. My makeup artist used to do his makeup, and we were joking around about me doing it. So I guess it was one of those meant-to-be things.

TV Guide Magazine: What do you think viewers will be surprised to learn about you?
Lovato: I've said from Day 1, when [Britney] stepped on set, how funny she is. I don't think a lot of people have gotten to see her personality and her sense of humor.
Spears: The same about Demi. Even though she's really young, she has such a sophistication about her. She's cooler than me.

Check out the rest of the sneak peek, and read the full interview in TV Guide on newsstands tomorrow!

Watch the two-night premiere of The X Factor on Wednesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 13 at 8/7c on FOX.

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By Balkarcel | 08/22/12 - 09:08PM

Britney!!! You are a Really HOT!!!

By kimo_atto | 08/22/12 - 05:08PM

that is great , cant wait to see it u Britney

By soccer | 08/22/12 - 04:08PM

loved it cool cover brit looooks cute

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