>10/16/12 - 7:32pm

Britney Welcomes New Hosts To The X Factor

Britney Welcomes New Hosts To The X Factor

After much speculation as to who would be hosting The X Factor, the co-hosts have been revealed! Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez will make their X Factor debut when the live shows begin airing in November. Remember when Brit Brit hung out with Khloe back in 2011 during a Nicki Minaj concert? Crazy how time flies. Welcome to The X Factor team, guys! xx

This is so exciting!

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By mo_the_huge | 10/18/12 - 09:10PM

GOD bless Britney

By Balkarcel | 10/18/12 - 09:10PM


By soccer | 10/17/12 - 09:10AM

cool super cute pic of britney,she is adorable !!!

By kimo_atto | 10/16/12 - 08:10PM

the show will be great , as it is now, love u Britney....
ps: cute pic of Britney, she is soo cute ....

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