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Britney Tweets From Set Of Video Shoot

Britney Tweets From Set Of Video Shoot

Oh my gah, y'all!!! Judging from her Twitter Brit Brit's been hard at werk all weekend on the video shoot for her upcoming single that wearealldyingfor. The #WorkBitch tweets continue (#WERK?), sooo maybe that's the single title? Maybe Queen It's Britney, Bitch is just working really hard? Well, we know the latter is true. Here's hoping we'll find out in little over 8 DAYS!!! xx

PS Britney's. Bod. Is. Bangin'. That is all.


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By jefte | 09/10/13 - 07:09PM

keep working brit...

By Number One Fan | 09/10/13 - 06:09PM

Britney is looking so hot in that bikini and that video shoot. I can't wait until her 8th album comes out and of course I will be getting it. It's britney b**** look out world here she comes again!

By kimo_atto | 09/09/13 - 08:09PM

absolutely amazing and i cant wait for the song,album and the dancing moves of you Britney..xxoo..

By ChrisNajar | 09/09/13 - 05:09PM

Those clothes look too revealing Shocked

By Sofia950123 | 09/08/13 - 10:09PM

It's Britney B**tch

By sjoberg006 | 09/08/13 - 10:09PM

Looking good. I know you won't disappoint, you never do. Love your Marketing Strategy by the way. I know you will always have those Elegant yet Provocative Shows/Music Videos that make you an Entertainer and the others just Performers.

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