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Britney Tweets About Working With Songwriter Sia

Britney Tweets About Working With Songwriter Sia

Brit Brit gave us a little peek into what's in store on her upcoming album, saying she's been working on a song with Grammy-nominated songwriter, Sia. The Australian singer/songwriter has worked with the likes of Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Shakira. I swear, every time Brit tweets about this record, it's like Britmas all over again. We'll take all the music-news scraps we can get, right Britney Army? Smiling xx

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By Alex11039 | 07/30/13 - 07:07PM

Masterpiece coming!

By soccer | 07/16/13 - 09:07AM

hmm never heard of Sia ether but it sounds like a great team

By marlenegarcia | 07/16/13 - 02:07AM

How do two writers feel being and sharing thoughts together is something only they can feel. It must be am sure an absolutely wonderful experience.

By kimo_atto | 07/14/13 - 05:07AM

im excited about this news , but im hoping her album will include a dance track with amazing moves from her, coz she is up against gaga's album which is a house dancing album , Brits album will be r&b on a hip hop, its soooo different i know, but i must say i need our Britney to kill everyone and to win every f***en award u Britney..xxoo..

By Balkarcel | 07/13/13 - 09:07PM

OMG!!! LIKE!!!

By ChrisNajar | 07/13/13 - 10:07AM

No freaking idea who Sia is, but what the heck.. let's get some sweet ballads for baby Britney Smiling !!

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