>06/03/12 - 9:43pm

Britney Throws Jason In The Dog House

I'm still LOLing over these "Dog House" videos Britney posted to her official Twitter account yesterday. She's such a bad fake yeller... swear I saw her crack a smile. Reason #257 why I love the girl. Oh, and Jason Trawick has also been busy posting silly videos to his own Viddy account — Brit picked a good one! The man is hilar. xx

The Dog House — Part One

The Dog House — Part Two

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By it'sbritneybitch | 06/14/12 - 09:06PM

They're so cute together Smiling
I'm jealous of that dog! That house is larger than mine!

By Balkarcel | 06/04/12 - 09:06PM

Jajajaja, I <3 this!!!

By kimo_atto | 06/04/12 - 01:06PM

dear Britannica i hope u answer me ....
lately like you im reading a lots of articles of Britney's walking off the x factor stage , knowing that Britney responded "she was taking a break" any way....

im really bored with these trends i see on twitter about this subject , so could u plz and let us make a trend or trends showing our Britney that we r with her and support her of being a great judge especially that she is going to ur city this week end ?????

i know she is doing great and she knows that, but just to let those stupid people to shut up!!!!

hope u answer me bye....

ps : thx soccer ,for agreeing with me. And you should try twitter, i was like u once didnt like it, but now i do byeeee....

By soccer | 06/04/12 - 08:06AM

don't have twitter but i agree i'm happy that brit is with someone that loves her and yes they are cute together .... Smiling

By kimo_atto | 06/04/12 - 01:06AM

im happy she is with someone who loves her, not taking advantage of her
they r so cute , wish them the best xxoo Britney....

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