>10/14/12 - 2:33pm

Britney Talks About Upcoming Single 'Scream and Shout'

Britney Talks About Upcoming Single 'Scream and Shout'

Britney chatted with Access Hollywood during the Whitney Houston tribute taping on Thursday and dished about her X Factor team and a new single she has coming out with! (NEWMUSICOMG!)

AND a new music video!!! It's not even Halloween yet and we're already getting showered with Britmas presents! xx♥

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By kimo_atto | 10/14/12 - 08:10PM

its gonna be scream and shout for us all "B-fans" , love u Britney....

By Balkarcel | 10/14/12 - 06:10PM


By Dr.Shadow | 10/14/12 - 06:10PM

Can't wait another minute, can't wait another hour. This new single is going to be fantastic, perhaps bigger than Big Fat Bass. I am so happy about Britney collaborating with other artists and yet releasing Her own stuff. Yeh way She talked on the interview... Oh I can't go to sleep now. I close my eyes and I see Her <3

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