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Britney Spears Twitter Q&A Next Tuesday, Oct. 29th

Britney Spears Twitter Q&A Next Tuesday, Oct. 29th

YOU GUYS! Britney will be chatting directly with fans during a Twitter Q&A Tuesday, Oct. 29th at 7pm ET/4pm PT!

Get your questions ready. I'm already working on mine...

Britannica's Truly Awesome Questions For Britney:
Which song are you most excited to perform in Vegas?
What else can you tell us about your song, "Perfume"?
Do you have any fun plans for your 32nd birthday?
What's your favorite Starbucks drink of the moment? (Pumpkin Spice lattes???)
How did you teach sweet @hannahspears to tweet? I'd like to teach my cat!
How on earth do you get motivated to work out? I have SUCH a hard time. : (
Which new up-and-coming artists are you really liking right now?
How would you describe the Britney Army in five words?
Just curious... did you practice your gambling skills in the casino? How'd you do?
What's one beauty product you cannot leave home without?

*continues brainstorming*

DON'T STEAL MY QUESTIONS! Go work (bitch) on your own... xox

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