>08/20/13 - 11:12am

The Britney Spears Countdown Begins

The Britney Spears Countdown Begins

Oh. Em. Gee. has launched an allusive countdown clock, which means that something amazing will be happening the morning of September 17th! What on earth do you think it could be? Post your predictions in the comments! xx


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By haroonishfaq | 01/23/14 - 05:01AM

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By | 08/28/13 - 01:08PM

)em) Britney 2013 tour scheudle should be annoused soon on Britney. Com i can't not wait for 2 years

By | 08/28/13 - 12:08PM

I'll reavtie Britney tour scheudle for scream and shout concert tickets are offncaly on sale on for more information ) em)

By | 08/26/13 - 01:08AM

) em) i love you Britney Spears

By | 08/26/13 - 12:08AM

(Em) Britney has to annoused her 2013 tour scheudle she as to go back on tour im not waiting this long i can't afford it

By kimo_atto | 08/22/13 - 05:08AM

its the leading song and the album will drop in November 15 to 20 maybe ....
love Britney..xxoo..

By sjoberg006 | 08/21/13 - 01:08PM

....... :=)

By ChrisNajar | 08/21/13 - 01:08PM

Well Britney tweeted one day that the album was coming sooner than expected.. do you all remember? I wouldn't be surprised if the whole album was released in September, given she has been working hard and going to the studio almost every week day.

Album or single.. it'll be fantastic anyways Smiling

By soccer | 08/21/13 - 08:08AM

hmm ether the new album or a new single Smiling

By lh_audi88 | 08/20/13 - 01:08PM

I think it will be a single... It's Tuesday 17th and as Billboard has previously reported, most singles and albums are released on a Tuesday Smiling

By mcvenriq | 08/20/13 - 11:08AM

.. by Holy God, I hope that it will be the new single

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