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Britney Releasing Limited-Edition 10th Anniversary Fantasy Fragrance

Britney Releasing Limited-Edition 10th Anniversary Fantasy Fragrance

We're coming up on the 10th Anniversary of Britney's first-ever fragrance, and she's celebrating by releasing a limited-edition bottle of Fantasy!

Brit posted the new black bottle on her Facebook page, and the box design showcases the names of some of her most devoted fans from over 85 countries. The perfume, which has notes of red lychee, exotic kiwi, jasmine petals, white chocolate orchid, musk and woods, features a personal note from Britney, "to my sweet scented fans for a decade of love xoxo Britney."

According to Hollywood Life, the 10th Anniversary fragrance will be available at Kohl's early next month.

Perfect timing, considering that one of Britney's favorite tracks on her upcoming record is called "Perfume." Her manager, Larry Rudolph, recently confirmed to Billboard, "There’s a ballad called 'Perfume' that she recorded recently. Britney wrote it with Sia. It’s a breakup song that’s about wanting the next girl to smell your perfume on the guy afterwards. The lyric is really unique and she sings the shit out of it. I think everyone will be really impressed by the song."

Britney also recently tweeted to Sia about the track, saying, "The song is both beautiful and heartbreaking @Sia. Evokes SO much emotion every time I hear it. One of the most beautiful songs I have recorded in a LONG time."

I kind of can't wait... for the perfume and the song! xx

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