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Britney To Release International Two-In-One Album Package

Britney To Release International Two-In-One Album Package

Calling all B fans in Europe and Australia! Sony Music Entertainment will be releasing a new 2CD slipcase on August 27th that features Britney's two latest albums — Femme Fatale and Circus. The two-in-one retail package will only be available internationally in Europe and Australia, so if someone wants to mail one of these babies to yours truly in the United States, that would be awesome. xx

PRE-ORDER NOW in Germany. Will ship on August 24.
PRE-ORDER NOW in France. Will ship on September 3.

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By sidneyheidi | 03/26/13 - 12:03PM

Very nice I am very happy by listening the news about your new album releasing in 2012
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By soccer | 08/15/12 - 09:08AM

cool idea for brits oversea fans ditto u britney Smiling

By Balkarcel | 08/14/12 - 09:08PM

It's Amazing, but i have the Circus and Femme Fatale Album's

By kimo_atto | 08/14/12 - 02:08PM

coooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll, liked the idea u Britney....

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