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Britney Posts The Recipe For A Flawless 8th Album

Britney Posts The Recipe For A Flawless 8th Album

Britney took to her Facebook over the weekend to dish on the recipe for what makes a perfect follow-up album to Femme Fatale. Check it out in the photo above! "Club-smashing Blackout"?! Yes, please!

Our girl also cracked 30 million Twitter followers over the weekend. Congrats, B!

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By kelechi | 08/06/13 - 08:08PM

I love you

By Alex11039 | 08/06/13 - 06:08PM

Britney is coming to slay our lives!

By kimo_atto | 08/06/13 - 01:08PM

may be if i used the spell Gerjamil used to create smurfette, i could properly have may be a sneak peak of what her album name is and the songs that in it happen tho! u britney..xxoo..

By soccer | 08/05/13 - 08:08PM

congrats brit !!! yes out of all the ingredients, "Self Confident Britney" is the most importent

By ChrisNajar | 08/05/13 - 03:08PM

Out of all the ingredients, I love "Self Confident Britney".

The essence of Brit Brit is what I need the most ❤

By Izabella | 08/05/13 - 02:08PM

hey Britney i visit your fanpage you have great fans on it and many people search for it.
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