>03/04/12 - 9:20pm

Britney Loves Your Brit Stories!

Britney saw a few of your Brit Stories... and she LOVES them! She even tweeted a couple stories that we featured here on Check out Britney's sweet, heartfelt tweets, via @britneyspears:

Awww @emilyvontom I saw your #MyBritStory today and it's so sweet! Can't believe you have those cassettes....crazy!!!

So sweet : ) That letter... tear! Xxoo RT @Britneyland: Listen to My Little Crazy Brit Story #MyBritStory OMG..

I love every single #MyBritStory! These seriously have made my day : ) Love and miss u all!

We miss you, too, Britters! B fans... we're still accepting your Brit Stories! Simply use SoundCloud's Story Wheel app and follow the prompts. Be sure to tweet it using the #mybritstory hashtag, so we know where to find it! If you run into trouble, click here for a few tips and tricks I learned while making mine. And now... a few more of your stories that caught my eye:

Love @AhmedBritney's story... he's an artist from Egypt! Sexy. He has a ton of Britney T-shirts and is super-talented. Click to watch:

Aww... @BritneyUKSpears's story is v cool! Her collection is HUGE! I'm a little jealous. Check it:

@OutrageousNessa is from Connecticut, and I can sooo relate to her story. She always has a Britney birthday cake (lucky!) and even dressed up as Britney several times for Halloween! She also mentions how she's made friends through Britney, meeting other fans at concerts and keeping in touch. Love it! Watch:

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