>05/30/12 - 12:23am

The Britney Life: Motorcycles & Makeup

Aww! Love that even though our girl's not an album tour, she's still keeping us updated with her oh-so exciting happenings. Seriously. Britney could scratch her perfectly proportioned nose, and we'd want to know every little detail. Britney posted the below Viddy video to her Twitter earlier today of Jason gettin' on his motorcycle to pick up some grub. I kind of snorted when Jason said, "This is becoming like a reality show." Ha!

Britney also let us in on her X Factor beauty secrets via Beautylish. Britney loves Stila and Urban Decay? SO DO I! We have so much in common. xx

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By kimo_atto | 05/30/12 - 12:05PM

i loved her tone when Jason said : it's becoming like a reality show and how she said nooooooo!!!!!
love that girl ....xoxo Britney....

By soccer | 05/30/12 - 09:05AM


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