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'Britney Jean' Album: The Reviews Are In

'Britney Jean' Album: The Reviews Are In

Britney's hard work (bitch) is paying off, 'cause the press is LOVING Britney Jean! What the media has to say about Britney Jean and Mrs. Extra! Extra! This Just In:

"Britney remains the queen who out-bangs, out-booms, out-bizarres them all.” —Rolling Stone

"'Work Bitch' is great! And so is the rest of Britney Jean, a top-to-bottom effortlessly listenable record." —The Daily Beast

"[Britney Jean is a] sweaty, electro-pop thrill ride.” 3 out of 4 stars —Us Weekly

"In just 10 tidy songs, it brings us closer than ever before to that distant dreamer." B+ —Entertainment Weekly

"Britney Jean is a success." —Glamour

"Britney's post-teen-pop renaissance continues on this sexy dance album." A- —Newsday

"“The album proves that Britney is still in her prime.” —Star

"Britney Spears promised Britney Jean would be personal, and she didn't disappoint. ...a mature album that some are comparing to her 2007 fan-favorite, Blackout." —MTV News

"All in all, it’s a gleaming, bittersweet pop experience." —The Seattle Times

“Britney Jean aims to present [Britney] as a cool but accessible dance-pop diva.” 3 out of 4 stars -USA Today

"“Britney Jean includes fun pop ballads, sexy club jams and more.” —People Style Watch

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