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Britney Breaks Down 'Britney Jean' Track-By-Track

Britney Breaks Down 'Britney Jean' Track-By-Track

Britney hosted a hugely successful Britney Jean Listening Party today on Twitter, where she gave us some insight into every single song on Britney Jean! I've been waiting for this, as I was dying to know Britney's thoughts on each of her tracks, especially my own personal favorites like "Til It's Gone," "Don't Cry" and "Passenger." She replied to fans and had the below to say about each track (via @BritneySpears):

Starting with Alien. Loved working on this track with the very talented @WilliamOrbit! Song deals with loneliness and how you can be surrounded at all times by friends, family and adoring fans who you love and still feel alone. Sometimes I need to remind myself that i'm #NotAlone

Work Bitch:
Here comes the smasher!! You betta #WorkBitch!! Confession: I do not have a Bugatti… yet

#Perfume is really just about relationship insecurities & feeling insecure about the person you care for the most. So much love to @sia for helping create such an amazing song!! Xo

It Should Be Easy (feat.
Sometimes, we make love really complicated, but I've always felt It Should Be Easy. Always fun in the studio w @iamwill

Tik Tik Boom (feat. T.I.):
Next up: #TikTikBoom!! I knew immediately that I had to have @Tip on this track!

Body Ache:
And the next song is #BodyAche! I think this song speaks to my biggest passion which has always been dancing. I think at my core, I am a dancer through and through. When I cut this song I was right in the middle of dance rehearsals for my Vegas show... The show I'm putting together has more dance than any show I've ever done. I guess I was dancing until my body ached every single day. LOL!!

Til It's Gone:
#TilItsGone is a post-break up song, and it's true... You never really know what you have until it's gone. Life is funny like that. Think I've kicked myself a few times after breaking up w someone. Dont kno why it’s always so clear AFTER u breakup

I fell in love with #Passenger as soon as I heard it! My girl @KatyPerry wrote this one with @Sia and the @Diplo track is incredible. Loved loved loved recording this one. I just loved this song and it spoke to me right away.

Chillin' With You (feat. Jamie Lynn):
@jamielynnspears and I had SO much fun recording #ChillinWithYou!! She's been working on her first album in Nashville for a while and I thought it would be really cool to have her on my album. She's more of a country artist and I'm obviously pop so we figured we would meet in the middle

Don't Cry:
Really proud of the final version of #DontCry. This one was very therapeutic for me. Sometimes a girl needs to remind herself not to cry and that life will go on. Funny story about [the whistle in the beginning]. When @iamwill & I were finishing the song we felt it was missing something. It felt like it needed something to make the song more unique... He suggested getting Foster The People 2 help on production. I really think they nailed it. They added a few bells & the whistle on the song

Brightest Morning Star:
Brightest Morning Star is a song @Sia helped me write about God

Hold On Tight:
#HoldOnTight is a little different from the rest of the record, but I loved writing and recording this one!! It’s the 1st song I recorded for #BritneyJean. My dear friend @KooolKojak came over to my house w/ his guitar & we wrote this song together. I think it helped set the direction for the album overall.

Now That I Found You:
Next Up: #NowThatIFoundYou! This song just sounds like love doesn't it? LOVE the music on this track!

Perfume (The Dreaming Mix):
Which version of #Perfume do you guys like the best? I'm not sure I could choose!! I really love both

Which track is your favorite?? xx

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By Ch0c0late | 12/06/13 - 01:12PM

Britney Jean is a masterpiece. Good Job dear Brit.

By Addydo01 | 12/05/13 - 09:12PM

Dear Britney,

I have been your BIGGEST Fan since 1999! I listen to your music everyday, even at the gym! Smiling I have gone to 3 (Tour 2000 in Vegas, Circus at Arco Arena, and my all time favorite Femme Fatale at Arco Arena, My mom and I had the best seats! 10 steps away from the ground seats and the Stage!) of your concerts (couldn't afford to go to the other ones, those were tough times for me) Sad I Just LOVE your new album! My all time favorite song has to be Work B**ch! (I listen to that one the most when I'm at the gym! I just gets me pumped! Laughing out loud I've actually lost a total of 150 lbs. in 2 years! Laughing out loud) I just want to say that you are one beautiful, talented, and funny person that God has created! My dream has ALWAYS been to meet you in person! Laughing out loud Thank you for never giving up! Your beautiful music has been apart of my life for 14 years! I love you Britney! God Bless! Laughing out loud

By JPablo | 12/05/13 - 06:12PM

I simply adore every single track of this album and it made me cry a couple of times. it's amazing all the years that have passed by and all the incredible moments I've had listening to Brit and being her fan.

Dear Britney,

I've been your passenger since the first day I heard you singing and saw you dancing. Your music has been the soundtrack of my whole life and your carrer has been my stage, I've laughed, cried, fall in and out of love and many other things with your music. I know that you don't exactly like to be called a role model and I get it but you have been my inspiration in many levels and aside the super star that you obviously are you're still an awesome incredibly cute and tender human being; I met you here in my country (Costa Rica) a few years ago at the beach while you were getting a tan and trying to relax and froget all your troubles; I'm sorry for interupting that peace but I'm not sorry for meeting a beautiful person like you. I know I'm in love with someone who adores you probably as much as I do and everytime either of us starts singing one of your songs the other finishes it, you always make us happy and we always wish and pray that you and your loved ones are blessed and protected by God.
Thank you so much for being a huge inspiration and a enormous part of my life! I Love you Britney Jean Spears!!!!!

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