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Britney To Be Featured On Ellen

Britney To Be Featured On Ellen

The X Factor premiere is less then two weeks away, y'all, and today Britney tweeted that she'll be returning to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on September 11th! So exciting.

Talk about a great way to kick off Labor Day weekend! Will you be watching Brit Brit on September 11th? I know I will! xx

Watch the two-night premiere of The X Factor on Wednesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 13 at 8/7c on FOX.

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By soccer | 09/01/12 - 04:09PM

brit back on ellen yeha ya'll that's sort of exciting !!!

By Balkarcel | 09/01/12 - 11:09AM


By kimo_atto | 08/31/12 - 09:08PM

that is sooo cool ,love u Britney....

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