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Britney Asks Miley For Twerk Lessons

Britney Asks Miley For Twerk Lessons

Britney tweeted her love for Miley's headline-grabbing "We Can't Stop" music video last week, which led to a Twittersation about twerk lessons. I'd love to see a video of this — maybe the duo can hit up The Ellen DeGeneres Show à la "Gangnam Style"!

Something tells me Brit Brit would master twerking in a heartbeat...

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By ChrisNajar | 06/25/13 - 06:06PM

There is absolutely NOTHING Miley can teach Britney about. NOTHING. In my eyes, I see Britney on the right side, and every other pop artist on the left side. All of them together if you want.

Britney stands separately from anyone else. She is unique. She is magical. She is my beloved Brit Brit ❤

By kimo_atto | 06/25/13 - 03:06PM

i agree with you Britannica, tho Miley really it took you 10 years and u still haven't master slave 4 u, i mean i know no one will do it better than Britney , but i managed to learn it less than a weak and i'm not a dancer either what!!

love you Britney....xxoo....

ps: keep voting for Brit on billboard she is against "Gaga, Bey, JT"..... im voting of luck .....

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