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Britney Army Reacts To Britney's New Single, 'Perfume'

Britney Army Reacts To Britney's New Single, 'Perfume'

Reason no. 138 why I love the Britney Army: They're emotional, dramatic and completely over the top when it comes to new Britney music. I mean, rightfully so, because it is Britney, bitch! When Balladney premiered her brand-new track, "Perfume," Sunday night, the Twittersphere exploded with Britney fans reacting to the song. A few of my favorites:

Oh, and my tweet:

Also, "Perfume" is now on VEVO!

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By maerda | 11/21/13 - 04:11AM

cool girl! I like

By soccer | 11/07/13 - 03:11PM

yes a very beautiful ballad

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