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Britney Army Predictions On What Will Happen Sept. 17th

Britney Army Predictions On What Will Happen Sept. 17th

The Britney Army has been speculating like crazy ever since Brit Brit first announced that she'd began work on an eighth album, and the theories have been flying more than ever in recent weeks. Photoshopped tracklists, fake rehearsal videos and rumors out the wazoo have been circulating around the Interwebs. Hell, I can barely keep up, so usually, I just turn my li'l blonde head. Unless it comes from Britney, I pay it no attention.

All the hype has been getting harder and harder to ignore, especially with the mysterious countdown clock and all these #WERK tweets. (Hannah seems convinced that #WERK is the new WOOF — happy belated birthday, Hannah!) Anyway, I just had to ask the fans, what on earth does the Britney Army think will be going down on Sept. 17th when the clock strikes zero? Here's just a sampling of your predictions:

I LMAO'ed at some of these. Great work, Britney Army! Now we'll just have to wait and see... xx♥

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By kimo_atto | 08/31/13 - 01:08PM

it will be a bad ass song maybe a dancy one but im guessing the dancing song will be the second song from her album and all the rehearsing its for Vegas shows ...this is my side from the you Britney..xxoo..

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