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Britney To Answer Fan Questions On Saturday Night Online

Britney To Answer Fan Questions On Saturday Night Online

Britney will be hosting another fan Q&A on December 7th, this time with Romeo from Saturday Night Online! Submit your questions now and visit Saturday Night Online Saturday, Dec. 7th at 8pm ET to see if Brit Brit answers your questions! xx

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By medyapilipinas | 11/13/13 - 10:11PM

how do you find Filipinos who idolized Britney Spears as an Pop Icon..A Legend...simply A MUSIC....hope that you will do a concert here....Smiling

By medyapilipinas | 11/13/13 - 10:11PM

Britney I'm your super fan ever till now....from Philippines.....Will you do a a concert here in the Philipines?If yes when would it be??If not why?

a lot of Filipinos you inspired through your lovable music...

By naddy naddy | 11/13/13 - 06:11PM

Hi Britney love! ! I'm Nadia from Malaysia
I am yr crazy fan since right the day you started singing career and will still be.. still support you thru your ups and downs and I'm so proud that you can endure thru all the obstacles. N crazy that I still dream of you n yr childhood ex lover to b together n still pray for it..but I do respect your personal life now and pray the best in yr life.

My question is: what is the key that makes you a tough lady now after fall and getting up again with all the pressures surround you that it makes me so proud of you as a single mom.

Thanks and ♥♥♥♥♥ ya!!!

By KARLA MARTINEZ | 11/13/13 - 04:11PM

I wonder if britney think the return to work with those who were in the beginning of his career, such as larry or felicia do their job more bearable, and say that I admire, few people in the world could bear the harassment of the press day and night.
kisses from Argentina! karla

By Ch0c0late | 11/13/13 - 03:11PM

Oh! Great. One of my question is why are you so lovable? and another one is that Do you consider your fan? Multiple questions. Santa can you hear me! All I want is one thing. Santa I wanna see my love Britney.

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