>08/20/12 - 9:42pm

Bikini Britney Makes An Appearance

Bikini Britney Makes An Appearance

Smokin' hot! Check out the sexy pic Britney added to my very own "Bikini Britney" board on Pinterest, saying, "Y'all ready for summer to end? I'm definitely not!" I'm so honored. Oh, and I am so not ready for summer to end, Brit Brit. Everybody knows that Fraps are best when it's hot outside. Click here to follow Britney on Pinterest. xx

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By sidneyheidi | 03/26/13 - 12:03PM

VERY HOTS!!! Love that dress. You look so hot. Where is your broom ?
<a href="" title="m88">m88</a> , <a href="" title="m88">m88</a>

By soccer | 08/22/12 - 04:08PM

mmmm the queen b is realy smokin hot !!!!! ya'll Smiling

By Balkarcel | 08/21/12 - 06:08PM

OMG!!! It's Beautiful!!!

By mathtimms | 08/20/12 - 11:08PM

I LOVE my ''legal'' addictions. N.B...

By kimo_atto | 08/20/12 - 11:08PM

oh hell ya , she is so hot in this pic i so love u Britney ,and dear Britannica u r one luck lady good luck to both of u u Britney ....

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