>07/13/12 - 2:49pm

Another Amazing Promo Ad For 'The X Factor'

Another Amazing Promo Ad For 'The X Factor'
It's raining X Factor promos! Y'all saw this one, and yet another promo ad for this season of The X Factor aired during So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday night. Naturally (and gloriously), it features none other than our beloved Brit Brit. Check it out...

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By AndrewJohnson | 07/30/12 - 08:07AM

Well what can I say about her she is just fantastic on the set of X Factor. She just added 4 star to the show. Her presence is very big.

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By Balkarcel | 07/15/12 - 09:07PM

Britney it's a during person, but its amazing

By kimo_atto | 07/15/12 - 04:07PM

niceeeeeeeeeeee sound fun and b****y , worth to watch .......

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