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15 Days 'Til Britney Spears Hits VEGAS

15 Days 'Til Britney Spears Hits VEGAS

ONLY 15 DAYS 'TIL SHOWTIME, Y'ALL! Britney posted a shot of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino stage to Instagram where she is rehearsing today for the first time!

Tickets to "Britney: Piece of Me" are available now for dates through September 2014!

Don't miss a Britney beat — follow blogger Britannica on Facebook and Twitter! Get your copy of "Britney Jean" now. To purchase tickets to see "Britney: Piece of Me" in Las Vegas, click here.

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By Ch0c0late | 12/13/13 - 03:12AM

Oh! What a nice day it will be! You look cute, amazing, beautiful, nice, and humble. Love you. Also, congratulate Brit. You're hosting your own radio station on iTunes. It's great. It was hard to me to grasp that the others host their own radio station but my love doesn't. Love you. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss.

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