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A Candid Conversation With Superfans About 'Britney: Piece of Me'

A Candid Conversation With Superfans About 'Britney: Piece of Me'

Joined by their love of Britney Spears and blogging, friends T. Kyle and Bradley flew from New York City to meet Jordan in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve, and, more importantly, the spectacular Britney: Piece of Me show. Thanks to a group interview with yours truly, the rest is history, left to be read online over and over again...

"Boys! Sometimes a girl just needs one..." Left to right: Bradley, T. Kyle and Jordan.

T. Kyle MacMahon: The man behind and those epic Britney GIFs on MTV Buzzworthy.
Jordan Miller: Owner of, the biggest Britney Spears fansite in the history of ever.
Bradley Stern: Founder of sassy pop-music blog, MuuMuse, and esteemed editor at Idolator.

Britannica: Love that y'all met up and went to the show together! Where'd you sit at the venue?
T. Kyle: Brad and I sat GA Left in the pit.
Bradley: Yeah, we queued about two hours early on the dot to make sure we'd be at the very front.
Jordan: I had seats in the middle. I got near them, but they pushed me away and pulled my hair.
T. Kyle: Strategically placed ourselves where Britney would arch down during "Me Against The Music."
Bradley: Yeah, Kyle knew the exact spot we'd get the back arch.
T. Kyle: And Brad got a perfect photo of it.
Bradley: I'm getting it tattooed on my forehead next Tuesday.

That would be this awesomeness (and Brad's future forehead tattoo). (via Bradley)

Britannica: I can't wait to see that. What did you wear to the show?
Jordan: I wore a Britney tank top and jeans.
T. Kyle: All black, so it would be slimming because I gained, like, 10 lbs. over Christmas.
Bradley: Obviously I stopped by the "Piece of Me" store the day before, which will be my eventual resting ground. The store is huge, and it's kind of a stan dream just to see her playing from every screen, and all the different kinds of merch. I got a white Britney tank and layered with my leather jacket.
Jordan: Tank tops in winter, yaaaas! Golf claps to Larry for getting that store up.
Bradley: I considered trying on the "Work Bitch" hot pants, too, but there was some concern about how much it would (or wouldn't) cover.

Every stan's dream. (via Jordan; Bradley)

Britannica: Too cute. So, what was the crowd like? True Britney fans or typical Vegas crowd?
Bradley: Definitely true Britney fans in the pit.
T. Kyle: Her family was in VIP front row.
Jordan: When I saw the rehearsal show, it was mostly industry people and Caesars Entertainment employees. The energy on NYE was electric because everyone there chose to spend their last night in 2013 with Britney.

Britannica: Love it! How exactly did the show kick off?
Jordan: Show kicked off with "Work Bitch" after this sick video montage of "young Britney" playing dress up in her room. Kind of cool to see her dreaming of being a big star as a kid then hear her new single 15 years after her initial debut.
Brad: The fact that she kisses a Madonna poster as she runs into her room was thoroughly amazing. It was very much a retrospective of amazing moments tied together with the story of young Britney dreaming of being a performer. Got our adrenaline pumping... and then "Work Bitch" just exploded.
T. Kyle: The bass was so strong you could feel it shaking your whole body, it was incredible.
Bradley: She came down in a giant ball, which was fitting for New Years. (Bye, Times Square.)
T. Kyle: Yeah, Times Square who, honestly.
Bradley: I know it was the opening, but it was probably my favorite moment because of the energy in the crowd. Everyone was screaming their heads off, and she looked so fierce.

You betta work, bitch. (via Bradley)

Britannica: Can't wait! Now let's cut to the chase (Benz LOL). Tell me about the DANCING!
Bradley: I would honestly, sincerely say that the dancing was better than its been in years. She was moving her legs a lot, crashing to the floor, bending and snapping with feeling.
Jordan: The show is super entertaining because the venue was specifically built for her and for the spectacle. She dances hard choreography in almost every song, minus the ballads.
Bradley: You could tell once she hit the signature dance moves, like "Me Against The Music." It was great to see her getting back into the routine — it's almost entirely choreographed.
T. Kyle: I was really impressed; aside from "Everytime" and "Perfume," she was constantly moving. No one moves like Britney does, she's so unique. And her handography for Work Bitch when she says "sip martinis, look hot in a bikini" is my favorite thing she's done in a long time.
Jordan: The routines are fresh for her as a performer and us as an audience. A lot of the choreography was designed specifically for Vegas.
Bradley: She was smiling pretty much the whole time, too, and very Confidentney.
T. Kyle: Her spark was there! She even made some goofy faces at her dancers, so you could tell she was having fun, which I loved to see.

It's Danceney, bitch. (via T. Kyle)

Britannica: I heard she brought her boyfriend, David, on stage for "Freakshow," is that true?
Bradley: "Freakshow" was hilarious. Everyone was grinning because they all knew who she picked immediately once he hit the stage. The best part was when she asked for his name at the end, and he said simply "The D." And she was, like, "Uh...okay. The D." And handed him a signed T-shirt like he was a casual fan.
T. Kyle: "Thanks for dancing with us, sweetie!" I was crying.
Bradley: Also, seeing David crawl down a runway was not the worst thing. He's definitely cute.
Jordan: I'd never pass up the opportunity to make my boyfriend crawl around and whip his ass like a BOSS.

Yep, it's Britney's boyfriend. "The D." (via Bradley)

Britannica: Hilarious! Anything else unusual happen during the show?
Bradley: Kyle and I got an unexpected treat during "Perfume." This flawless, crying queen ran toward the stage sobbing at the end and starting spraying Fantasy at the stage. Like, pulled out a full bottle of Fantasy and spritzed every note.
T. Kyle: He was COVERING everyone in Fantasy. It was like a fog machine was going off.
Bradley: Britney probably appreciated it.
T. Kyle: You could definitely smell the perfume, literally.

Britannica: Um. Amaze. What was your favorite part of the show?
T. Kyle: Visually, the "Scream & Shout" interlude into "Boys" was my favorite. You have to experience it live with your own eyes, no photo or video can do it justice. The stage is lit with heavy black lights, and everything is glowing. Britney was glowing all shades of neon, her lipstick looked bright orange. It was SO awesome and fit the music so well. I felt like I was in a nightclub.
Bradley: The neon lights are incredible, and the remix is sick. She does this fierce hair flip back and forth. We also loved the trick mirrors for "I Wanna Go." It was like a nod to Dream Within A Dream, when she dances against herself in "Lonely."
Jordan: My favorite set is "Gimme More" to "Break The Ice." "Break The Ice" was FRESH. I loved the simplicity of the number with the one spotlight, dark backdrop and fedora.
Bradley: Yeah, the subtle ode to Michael Jackson with the hat tilt and spotlight... on point. Also, the dance breakdown in "Piece Of Me" on the stairs was an unexpected treat. Basically, every Blackout moment was a highlight, because obviously.
T. Kyle: Very seamless transitions between all those songs, too. Was very surprising and exciting to hear them all flow together. It definitely wasn't stop and go.
Bradley: "Gimme More" sounds INCREDIBLE with a live band. There's a live four-piece band, and it really makes a difference.
T. Kyle: The remixed hits in the "Piece of Me" show alone would make a phenomenal disc. They did SUCH a good job making them feel current.

"It's been a while. I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting..." (via T. Kyle)

Britannica: And what surprised you most about "Britney: Piece of Me"?
Jordan: Not so much a surprise, but it's a little shocking to relive some of these songs from when I was literally a kid. I'm nostalgic at a performer who's still very relevant in the music biz.
Bradley: I was obsessed with the "Baby" reinvention. The brunette bob was an amazing homage to early Britney, and then the dark Gothney spin on the music completely made the song fresh again. (It's timeless, though. It always sounds good.)
T. Kyle: I was surprised at how much work went into the entire production! I was hesitant at first because there was very little promotion. But she seriously put in major "Work Bitch."
Bradley: The Britney Jean era made sense immediately after seeing the show. It's about Vegas. It's always been about Vegas.

Britney, baby, one more time. (via Bradley)

Britannica: What about the giant tree jump? Was that so intense?
T. Kyle: OMG, scared me half to death. She was SO high up! Way higher than anything she did on her last tours.
Bradley: It was SO silent in the theater.
T. Kyle: Yeah, one big gay gasp from GA Left was all I heard.

Hey, Britney DID say she wanted a bigger tree. (via T. Kyle)

Britannica: Did you like how the show ended, with "Till The World Ends"?
Bradley: We went pretty nuts, especially when we heard it incorporated elements of "Work Bitch."
Jordan: That is a really great song to end the show with because it's literally an anthem.
T. Kyle: The finale was amazing. It slowed down into the bridge of "Till The World Ends" and subtle vocals of "You better work" started to mix in, and then it just exploded into a full-on dance party.
Bradley: It was also fun, just from a mega-fan perspective, to see her jumping up and down on stage and seeing her whole family smiling back. She was beaming and wished us all a happy new year at the very end, and then they released balloons all over the place.
Jordan: That's what I love most about the show. She looks like she's enjoying herself, jumping into character for 100 minutes and transforming from Britney Jean to the legendary Britney Spears.
T. Kyle: Big smiles on her face, especially during the Circus segment! She was sexy, goofy, smiling. Every bit of Britney we love.

"Keep on dancing till the world ends..." (via Bradley)

Britannica: Love to hear it! Which track do you wish Britney had performed?
T. Kyle: "Born To Make You Happy" because it's flawless. I would have cried like I did during "Stronger."
Bradley: I was dying for "Born To Make You Happy."
Jordan: I wish she performed "Breathe On Me" because it seems like one of her faves to perform and is probably one of my favorites of all time.

Britannica: Do you feel the "I Am Britney Jean" documentary was a good representation of the show?
Bradley: I think so. It definitely sold the show for us, which lived up to our expectations. I did want "Alien," though! She should have told Larry she hates fuckin' waitin' for "Alien" to be in the show.
Jordan: The documentary gave fans a look into a world they'd never normally see, so in that sense, the doc was greatly appreciated, but the show is far more fierce in person than can be seen on TV. It's not just a show, it's an experience.

The Britney experience. (via T. Kyle)

Britannica: Sounds like it was really cool to see 15 years of hard work come together into one show!
Jordan: It's truly amazing to see so many people are inspired by what she does. Whether that's singing along to every song, dressing up like her or simply just being there, she's a part of so many peoples' lives, and her fans have this relationship with her that is really valued in their day-to-day life. It's pretty special.
Bradley: I'm just so proud of Britney. It's surreal to have been with her on the journey now for over 15 years, and she really put on a great show. Forever and always my Queen, Praise Godney, amen.

Britannica: Do think it was a good idea for Britney to change up her typical tour formula and focus on a residency?
T. Kyle: I think so. She wants to be a mom, and she should be spending time with her kids. But she obviously loves performing, so this allows her to do both.
Jordan: Yes! Britney is the first young musician to take her show to Vegas. She's a trendsetter, and I can promise you younger artists will follow suit.
Bradley: The tour life is grueling, and I think having a stable home will make the show even stronger (REFERENCE). Plus, she can go downstairs and get Starbucks any time she wants... and I know that's the real reason she signed the deal.
Jordan: Vegas has always loved Britney, far before her residency, so it's awesome to see her transition to one of the best cities in the world.

Britannica: Any advice for fans going to Vegas to see the show?
Bradley: I would say to try and get pit tickets if you're a super stan. The view was unreal, she's a foot away, basically. But even if you don't, the theater is small, and you'll have fun from any vantage point.
Jordan: Stay near the strip, because you can fill up an entire day at just a few hotels. There's so much to see, great dining and lots shenanigans!

Britannica: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat. Maybe we can hit a show together in 2015!
T. Kyle: Yes!
Jordan: It's happening.
Bradley: That would be amazing. Let's do it!

15 glorious minutes of the show (via Bradley/MuuMuse)

Follow T. Kyle MacMahon online at and Twitter @tkylemac. Jordan Miller can be found at and @breatheheavycom. Say "hi" to Bradley Stern at or @MuuMuse.

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