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>08/01/12 - 5:50pm

Britney Brings 'The X Factor' To Rhode Island

Britney Brings 'The X Factor' To Rhode Island

I was lucky enough to be invited to the first two days of auditions for the second season of The X Factor (USA) in Providence, Rhode Island. The sun was out and the birds were singing their favorite Femme Fatale tracks... OK, so maybe they were just singing like regular birds, but a guy can pretend, can't he? There was a sea of excited fans waiting outside the Dunkin' Donuts Center with their brightly colored Britney posters waiting for the superstar X Factor judges to make their oh-so cool entrances into the auditions. Some fans in line even remembered me from the Boston Femme Fatale Tour stop last summer! You know... when the one and only Britney Spears casually invited me on stage with her for her "Lace And Leather" performance. No big deal. Just a super special moment between Britney and me. And her dancers. And thousands of our closest friends.

Personal pics of Peter Dee from Britney's Boston, MA show.

L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato were welcomed by the crowd as they made their way to the front of the arena, and naturally, I about lost it when the woman who has not only been a huge part of pop culture for over a decade, but has played an inspirational role in all of our lives, made her grand entrance. Before the host could even say her last name, Britney entered the arena to a sea of extremely loud screams and applause looking stunning in a bright red Herve Leger dress and black YSL heels. If you thought that our girl would let herself go after her Femme Fatale Tour, then think again — she merely seems to look more and more gorgeous every single day! You can thank the super loud and excited fans for the adorable pictures of Brit covering her ears with her signature huge smile. It was a pretty magical moment. Some fans cried with excitement. Some may have even fainted. Er, no, not me. I kept my cool... sort of. When the sharp-tongued Simon Cowell came out to thunderous applause, the host pointed to Britney again. As if we weren't already amped up enough!

When it was time for the show to officially begin, the judges took their seats as they waited to see what the Rhode Island contestants had to offer. If there's one artist that definitely has the "X Factor," it's Britney! Critics who thought that Britney was going to be annoyingly sweet on the show can step to the side because our girl’s serving up a whole lotta fierce this season. Call her the queen of sticky sweet pop music (and pretty much everything else on this planet), but one thing that Brit's definitely not sugar-coating are her critiques on this season of The X Factor!

I don't want to give too much of the auditions away, but fret not! Britney wasn't kidding when she said she "calls 'em like she sees 'em" in her chart-topping hit single, "Womanizer." While she was fully supportive of the talented hopefuls who were steaming like a pot full of Southern veggies, she had no problem telling the ones with lackluster stage presence that they didn't have what it takes to make it to the next round of the show. Go, Brit!

Make sure to check out Britney on the season premiere of The X Factor (USA) on Wednesday, September 12th and Thursday, September 13th at 8/7c on FOX! And, if you can't wait until next month to see Brit in action, make sure to enter for your chance to win a copy of The Femme Fatale Tour DVD HERE on PeterDee.TV!

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By prophetfromtrailopen | 10/05/12 - 08:10PM

Britney, you have a SPECIAL GIFT. Don't let the LOSERS keep you in dis -ease. I came out of it. So can you.

What a shame you are so ILL-ADVISED* (with incompetent psychiatry) [Come to] that you can't touch a penny of your money unless your new masters - daddy, psychiatrist, lawyers give you an allowance. Worth millions and treated like a ten-year old. Come to, Brit and get FREE. Written with love by someone who's been where 'you are.'

* If you're still on psychological drugs, you are not being 'treated,' you're being maintained (remember the 'Halo' in Minority Report?). Obtw, everyone around you is doing VERY WELL. Dr. Nadel went from barely being able to pay her bills to making a million-a-year by being associated with you. Wanna keep living for others?

** Has anyone in your circle even explained to you where and how the lyrics to "Dont you run so fast my dear," and "everything is shallow" was your unconscious speaking to YOU in "Someday," Britney (warning u to get out of your hideous relationship with Kfed)? You dont say those words to unborn children. Or are they all too busy getting rich on your efforts while stuffing you with toxic medications designed to mask psychiatric incompetence?

By rachel19 | 08/21/12 - 10:08AM


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By JonathanJTibbs | 08/14/12 - 11:08AM

Britney when you love someone you just say it or the moment passes you by ... Don't hide your ring in the X factor photos ... ... ... I did get you a gift and hope to ride in on my white horse and save you even if you don't need it anymore
... ... I lost, but I won to give you away ... I do hope Jason cares for me because you care for him ...

By carlmasuka | 08/14/12 - 07:08AM

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By JonathanJTibbs | 08/11/12 - 03:08AM ...

By JonathanJTibbs | 08/11/12 - 03:08AM


Just checking in to see how things are going with you and Jason ... I hope all is well ... I am getting my MA in International Relations. I Am trying to decide between Websters World Headquarters and St Louis, London and Geneva ... It can open a door to the United Nations ...

I still feel you should have another child... I have convinced many women into having children at all ages... It makes me feel as if I am contributing to life to an unborn soul with all the possibilities in the world... I want you to have a baby girl...

She would be sooo beautiful and precious ... Jason shouldn't mind to have a child of his own ... It just gives more love and compassion if the person is right ... Soul mates, as the bible says... The soul is where ever love is and that is where I shall be ... I want to say I changed your life because you changed mine...

Love Always,

Jonathan J Tibbs

By JonathanJTibbs | 08/07/12 - 03:08AM

I was wondering if you are going to have another child in the future ... Celebrities have many children, and I know you didn't get to enjoy motherhood at the infancy stage ... Maybe in five years your boys shall be little men and you can have the time back that was taken from you ... It is something to think about... We only have one life to live and the key is to experience every day as a gift from GOD and if it is taken from you ... By GOD take it back ...


Jonathan J Tibbs

By JonathanJTibbs | 08/07/12 - 02:08AM


You have been such an inspiration to me and GOD has truly blessed me through your life and work ... The bible says to gooo by faith and it is difficult ... When you came to Jacksonville and our eyes meet you gave me that nervous look and I felt the same way ... You flipped your hair to hear what I had to say, well done is my reply ... I should have gotten on the stage when you asked, but I was scared ... Perhaps in some other place, in some other time I feel I would be next to you ... But I find comfort in your happiness and I Am glad you found a good man ... I really like Jason, but I really miss that day because it was a good day and GOD gave it to me ...

By soccer | 08/02/12 - 03:08PM

thanks peter for sharing the blog it was fantastic ya'll Smiling

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