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I RUN AWAY - Britney Spears

Hi everyone, do you remember the song " I RUN AWAY " which appears on the third album of the same name Britney ?
I wanted to take this title, I hope you enjoy it .
thank you

Salut tout le monde, vous souvenez-vous du titre "I RUN AWAY" qui figure sur le troisième album de Britney du même nom ?
J'ai eu envie de reprendre ce titre, j'espère que ça vous plaira.


"I run away" - Britney Spears 'cover

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The Real Britney

What a shame...what a shame that we get such a talented limitless performer who has been cut short of her continuing prime... out of billions in the world who try to be top dog Britney Spears has a story that few seem to really get. In her prime she sold 10 million albums and as of today as sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Britney fits the Pop Princess role to the core as if life were a fairytale... she, the princess and we are her people. This world in our generation was introduced to the bombshell blonde with a banging body, beautiful locks, hard hitting grimy beats against a soft cooing damsel like voice unlike any other. What I find so intriguing is this womans story. "Pop Princess falls victim of her own success" or "Painfully shy britney still in conservatorship." Brintey's Hold It Against Me video really says it all.. So much material can be pulled from her life as it unfolds in real time before our eyes, like a Disney movie with no happy ending. To witness such a down fall to the ruler of the land (pop legend) and then have her built back up again for the medias pleasure is truly an insightful depicting of events that never really seem to hit home to some people. To have to hide in your house for two years to have some privacy... to be spellbound to others be a puppet on strings...Britney Spears is more than music.

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