Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Girls with Quotes – Words of Wisdom

Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Girls with Quotes – Words of Wisdom

Ask any creative person and he will have plenty of amazing tattoo ideas for girls with quotes. Some quotes can be sensitive, some can be romantic and some funny while some can be pretty weird at times. Creativity has no boundaries and you can come up with any quote, all by yourself.
However, there are many tattoo ideas for girls with quotes currently existing and some are really hot ideas. When you talk of a quote you can use a phrase, an idiom, celebrity and famous people quotes or even lyrics of hit songs. Hence, it’s entirely depends upon you which quote to select.

Now let’s turn to quotes said by famous personalities or publishers. While a quote from Chicago comes as “Love the life you live, don't live the life you love” and the Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson quotes “Tattoos are like stories -- they're symbolic of the important moments in your life”. There are many more quote lists available on the net. This was however just to give a few tattoo ideas for girls with quotes.

Talking of general phrases and idioms some of the ideas include phrases like “Girl power”, “I think, so I am dangerous “, “Girl’s rule”, “Not so common is common sense”, “Kay Sera Sera (meaning What will be will be)” and “Te Amo (meaning I love You)”
Now is the time for some quotes which will bring a smile to your face although they may be the weirdest lines you have ever heard. These are the advantages of such ideas; all don’t need to be of the same genre or category.

So if “save water drink beer” tattooed by some girls does bring a grim on your face, “Love thy neighbor. But don't get caught” can bring a smile on your face then seeing a sporty fat girl with this “I'm in shape... round's a shape isn't it?” you can do nothing but applaud for her spirit.

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