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Kill The Lights
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At the begining when Danja speaks we have a animated Danja in a radio environment and at the same time in the frame we have Britney surrounded of a lot of paparazzis.
When the song starts Britney run and takes a rocket and scape some other planet. Some of the paparazzis take others rockets and go behind her. When she lands to the other planet, some aliens are there waiting for her, everybody knows her. They have posters with her image, some aliens are dreesed like her. She makes a performance, everybody takes her pictures, she pose and sings. Meanwhile paparazzis from our planet go arriving. When the lights from the cameras are so hard she takes avantage of it and scapes, she takes a control or joystick or something and takes the rocket. When she is far from that planet she sees that it is full of light. She turn of the lights with the joystick. She smiles in a close up when the rocket pass in front of the camera.

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Posted by BRITNELI
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