>12/19/11 - 7:14am

Britney Now Has Facebook Timeline

Today Britney unveiled her official Facebook Timeline — a place where all us Brit fans can relive her most memorable posts, photos and life events. This is SOOOO amazing guys!! Did you miss out on when Britney killed it at the 2001 MTV VMAs? Or when she was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?? Maybe you just want to look at the "Hold It Against Me" single cover over and over... either way you'll find it all here on Britney's Timeline.

BTW totally loving the gigantic picture of Brit Brit with Sean and Jayden helping her out with her makeup! Check it out here.
>12/12/11 - 9:09am

Britney Makes Amazon's Best of 2011 List

Britney has been included in Amazon's Best of 2011 round-up! Here's what our girl took home:

Best Albums — Customer Favorites
#40: Britney Spears — Femme Fatale

Best Songs — Customer Favorites
#24: Britney Spears – Till The World Ends
#32: Britney Spears – I Wanna Go
#40: Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me

Should have been #1, but even Queens can't win 'em all. Congrats, B! You're still #1 in our hearts. xx

>12/12/11 - 9:08am

Britney's Birthday Message For Nicki Minaj

Britney Spears posted this adorable video message wishing Nicki Minaj a happy birthday! Nicki and Brit grew close while touring together on B's Femme Fatale Tour. They also performed together at this year's Billboard Music Awards and recorded the "Till The World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix)" alongside Ke$ha. Last week, Nicki posted this hilarious video message for Britney's 30th birthday. Happy birthday, Nicki!

>12/07/11 - 6:52am

Britney Performs In Peru & Mexico City

About a week before putting on a free concert in Mexico — which reportedly brought out over 150,000 Britney fans (photo below) — Britney put on a show in Peru. The winners of a contest held by Coca-Cola got to go on stage and dance with the Queen of Pop during "I Wanna Go"... check out the video below. Our girl is singing LIVE and looks like she's having the time of her life!!

Jason just took this photo from the stage. I can't wait to get out there!! R U ready Mexico City!!! (via @britneyspears)

>12/06/11 - 5:40am

Vote Britney For The 2011 PopCrush Music Awards is launching the first-ever PopCrush Music Awards, and naturally, Britney is nominated for two awards — Album of the Year and Song of the Year ("Till The World Ends"). Fans can vote as often as they'd like up until Jan. 1, 2012. Winners will be announced on Jan. 3. VOTE NOW!

>12/02/11 - 12:02pm

Happy Birthday Brit!

It's Brit's birthday today so make sure you head over to her Twitter or her Facebook to leave her a message!

Happy Birthday Brit, have a great day!

>12/02/11 - 8:25am

Femme Fatale DVD Release Date Change!

Hey UK Britney fans, we wanted to let you know that due to a manufacturing delay, the Live Femme Fatale DVD will be released at the slightly later date of 12th December.

Please accept our apologies and be sure you order the DVD as soon as you can to enjoy the incredible 'Femme Fatale' tour all over again!

>11/29/11 - 11:27am

Britney Is Most Followed User on Google+

Britney Spears has become the most followed person on Google+, landing nearly 800,000 followers! Brit Brit has even overtaken Google CEO Larry Page on Google+. I'm not too shocked, y'all — Britney is always #1! Click here to follow Britney on Google+. Britney is also on the cool photo-sharing app, Instagram!

>11/23/11 - 6:50am

Stylist Magazine Interview

Britney recently sat down with the UK's Stylist Magazine for an exclusive, in-depth interview! In it she discusses a couple of film scripts she's looking at (squeal!), a favorite bracelet she wears that she received from a fan, her popular collection of fragrances, a recent book she read and more. It's very interesting and a great read! Click here to read the interview in full.

>11/22/11 - 6:42am

Be At Britney's 30th Birthday Bash

This just in from Britney's official Facebook page:

Want to be at Britney's 30th Birthday party this December? You can! Make a video (30 seconds or less) of you wishing Britney a Happy Birthday, upload it to YouTube then send your video's URL by clicking Enter Now. Your birthday wishes will all be compiled and played for Brit at her big bash! Last day to submit your video is November 30th. Click here for details.

Love it! Maybe I'll make a video... if I can pull a good disguise together. xx

>11/21/11 - 6:53am

Britney Brings The Femme Fatale Tour To Brazil

Let me preface this by saying that I love ALL of Britney's fans. Y'all are some of the most dedicated, loving, creative, talented and hilarious people I've ever "met." But Brit Brit's Brazilian fans are by far the most insane — in a good way. These guys will stop at nothing to make their voices heard, be it by spamming me on Twitter, making wild birthday videos or singing "Hold It Against Me" in Brazilian dance clubs. So when Britney announced that she would be stopping by Brazil on her Femme Fatale Tour for the first time in over 10 years, it's no surprise that the fans went wild. Her show last week in Rio De Janeiro had 20,000 fans in attendance, and the concert in Sao Paulo was just as wild! Check out some of the press from the shows in Brazil, including various welcome parties, MTV specials, radio promotions and this interview with Britney that aired last week.

Video from

>11/18/11 - 6:22am

Nicki Minaj + Sabi Femme Fatale Tour Videos

Check out these scorching hot videos of Nicki Minaj and Sabi from The Femme Fatale Tour, directed by Cristobal Valecillos! So fierce.

"Till The World Ends, The Femme Fatale Remix" — Nicki Minaj

"(Drop Dead) Beautiful" — Sabi

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