>10/05/10 - 6:48a.p.

Britney On Glee Gets Rave Reviews

As you know, Britney killed it on Glee last week, raking in over 13 million viewers and breaking a Glee record. But what else are people saying? Check it out:

Our latest VIP Guest Blogger provides insight on the deeper, stronger meaning behind Britney and Glee.

As always, my friends at gave the episode a glowing review, along with articles dedicated to Glee's "...Baby One More Time" and "Me Against The Music" performances, as well as B's Twitter coverage of the show. And a Brit Brit news round-up wouldn't be complete without a post on one of my favorite music blogs, MTV's Buzzworthy Blog.

Loving this play-by-play of Britney's tweets on — definitely a must-read.

Then there was,,,,, and

I've said it 33 times, and I'll say it again — Britney. Always. Dominates. xx♥

>10/05/10 - 6:47a.p.

Britney Breaks GLEE Record


New York, NY – The Britney Spears episode of GLEE is the highest-rated episode of GLEE ever among Adults 18 - 49. The Spears themed episode, which featured a cameo from the artist and included five of her hit songs including "Baby One More Time," I'm a Slave 4U," Me Against the Music" and "Stronger" outperformed any episode of the hit Fox show by +6% among adults and posted a 5.8/16 rating. The episode won the night in teens and virtually all male and female demos. It also out-rated its nearest competitor (CBS) by 24% in the adult demo. This is the first time in 17 years that the highest rated entertainment program of premiere week grew in week two among Adults 18 - 49 and total viewers since fall '93 with SEINFELD.

>10/05/10 - 6:45a.p.

Britney/Glee Countdown

Loving this pic of Britney from The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour! Britney fan @britneycircuss from fansite made it. TOMORROW is the day! Just got word that Britney will be tweeting throughout the episode. I, on the other hand, will be setting my DVR. Sad xx♥

>10/05/10 - 6:44a.p.

Britney/GLEE Countdown

Hot! It's "Slave" Gleeney, and I love it. Good work, Britney fan @jorgeservin91! Now... I want a Britney/Glee-inspired poem or something different, who's up to the challenge? Email me at JUST A COUPLE MORE DAYS!!!xx♥

>10/05/10 - 6:43a.p.

Britney/GLEE Countdown

Love this GLEE piece by Britney fan Gacel. I don't really understand the Slushie (I think it's a Glee sponsor?), but Britney covered in any kind of wet sugary stuff is kind of hot, so... I'll take it. Keep your GLEE artwork, poetry, videos, etc. coming to Each featured piece of artwork will also be go in my super-exclusive VIP Art Gallery. xx♥

>10/05/10 - 6:42a.p.

Britney/Glee Countdown

This piece is like... a weird mix of Britney, GLEE and The Brady Bunch. It's awesome. Well done, @Its_Lucas_Bitch! Keep your GLEE creations coming to Each featured piece of artwork will also be forever displayed in my VIP Art Gallery. xx♥

>09/24/10 - 6:58a.p.

Britney/Glee Countdown

OMGodney, I love this Britney graphic! So hot. This Glee-inspired Britney artwork was sent to me by @ParfumExotique. Love. It. Still accepting your GLEE creations! Get to work, B fans. I want moar videos! My fancy new email address is xx♥

>09/24/10 - 6:57a.p.

Britney/Glee Countdown

Loving this Glee-inspired Britney artwork by @YaserElneser for several reasons. It's one of my favorite photos of Britney from her Candie's photoshoots. It's pink. The L in GLEE is made out of cotton candy! Enough said. I'm still accepting your GLEE creations! xx♥

>09/24/10 - 6:56a.p.

Britney/GLEE Countdown Challenge

As y'all know, Britney will be featured on GLEE next Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 8pm ET on FOX. In celebration of B's return to TV, I want you to get creative and send me your videos, photos, artwork, poems, etc. incorporating Britney Spears and GLEE. Dress up like Brit and put on a show with your friends Glee-style, Gleek out in your high school cheerleading uniform... do something wild and crazy. Email your creations to (include your Twitter name if you have), and starting tomorrow, I will feature one fan and their work each day right here on Can't wait to see your ideas!!! Graphic above by my friend and fellow B fan, @Lenoon. xx♥

>09/17/10 - 8:37a.p.

"Glee" Sneak Peek

The New York Times photographer Todd Helser spent a few days in August on the Glee set, including the filming of the Britney Spears-themed episode, set to air on Sept. 28 at 8pm ET on FOX. Above is his shot of actress Heather Morris depicting Britney Spears in a dream sequence, which pays homage to one of my very favorite Britney hits, "Me Against The Music." Check out to view more shots from Todd's set. xx♥

>09/17/10 - 8:35a.p.

Britney/Glee Wish List

If everyone and their mother doesn't have an opinion about Britney Spears, then something must be wrong. So it's no shocker that various bloggers and media elite are coming out of the woodwork to state what they want to see on the Britney-themed episode of Glee, set to air later this month. is praying for wholesome guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury to appear clad in a red pleather jumpsuit.

The Hollywood Gossip is hoping for a Gleetastic trip to Starbucks.

Meanwhile, is hoping that Rachel finally channels her inner bad girl a la "I'm a Slave 4 U."

OK, let's talk. What do YOU hope to see on the Britney-themed episode? Comment! xx♥

>09/17/10 - 8:31a.p.

"Oops!" Voted Best Sophomore CD in Pop History

In a recent MTV poll, Britney's own Oops!...I Did It Again album came out on top as the BEST second album ever in the history of pop music! I've heard from multiple industry insiders that an artist's second record is the toughest to pull off, as there is more pressure than ever to get it just right. I've said it before, and I'll say it again — whatever Britney touches, it turns to GOLD, bitches! Click here for a few cool Oops! factoids. xx♥

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