>01/30/12 - 3:16a.p.

Britney Sends The Love Via Twitter

After Britney blew up the social media world with several trending topics this past week, B girl thanked a few fans via her Twitter.

What did I do to deserve all this love? RT @DailySpears we have now 18 TTs within 3 days! Isn't that amazing? Laughing out loud We are unstoppable

Because of u all I smile everyday Smiling RT @Bradyspears: Because Of Britney I'm stronger than yesterday.

LOL RT @BritFanProblems: Because Of Britney, I almost sprained my neck by hair flipping so much. #BritFanProblems

Awww miss her! RT @paamkissxo: Because Of Britney we all know who Sabi is..

#Blessed RT @Trouble_For_Me: Because Of Britney there has been 30 TT's in the last 3 days just for @britneyspears Smiling

PS Y'all gotta follow @BritFanProblems on Twitter. It's hilarious!

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